CPA财会翻译网(由上海汇英企业管理咨询有限公司创办,旨在为会计师事务所、外资企业、上市公司等涉外企事业单位提供专业、优质、放心的财务会计翻译服务。上海汇英企业管理咨询有限公司是上海市最早从事财务翻译的老牌翻译公司,拥有20年财务会计专业翻译服务经验,涉及审计报告翻译尽职调查报告翻译、资产评估报告翻译等各类财务报告翻译服务。, a financial accounting translation services website is established by Shanghai Highlights Business Management Consulting Co., Ltd., with its commitment to providing professinal, top-quality, reliable financial accounting translation services for CPA firms, foreign-invested companies, listed corporations and other foreign-invested organizations. Shanghai Highlights is one of the oldest translation services providers in Shanghai with 20 years’ experience in translating financial accounting documentation, including auditors’ reports, financial statements, financial due diligence investigation reports, capital verification report, and asset valuation reports, etc. mainly in Chinese, English and Japanese versions.


The office of is located within Songjiang New Town International Ecological Business Zone with beautiful scenery in Shanghai. It is adjacent to 7 national famous universities in Songjiang University Town, such as Shanghai International Studies University, Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance, Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, Donghua University, Shanghai University Of Engineering Science, East China University of Political Science and Law, etc., thus enjoying the advantages of translation talents in terms of geographic location. All the translators working with Shanghai Highlights are specialized in more than ten industries such as accounting, finance, law, international trade, events, machinery, electronics, architecture, and textiles, and the like. They are translators graduated from renowned universities abroad, or foreign language experts, or senior-level certified translators, or university professors, etc. who can meet the translation needs of customers from all walks of life at home and abroad.


● 资产评估报告翻译;
● 验资报告翻译;
● 工商注册登记证书翻译;
● 其他财务会计类文件翻译。 provides its translation services mainly in Chinese, English and Japanese, which are involved in financial accounting documentation as follows:
  • ● Auditor’s reports;
  • ● Financial statements;
  • ● Financial due diligence reports;
  • ● Asset valuation reports;
  • ● Capital verification reports;
  • ● Business licenses and other industrial and commercial registration certificates;
  • ● Other related accounting documents.

      CPA财会翻译网一直严格执行中华人民共和国国家标准GB/T19363.1-2003《翻译服务规范-笔译和口译》,加强对翻译质量的管理。为了不断提高财会翻译质量,CPA财会翻译网骨干翻译成员还专门去上海立信会计学院等财会培训机构去学习深造,研读了会计学、审计学、税法、国际会计准则等中英文财会教材,从而对需要翻译的财务报告原文有着良好的理解,能够采用国际通用的标准会计术语和会计语体进行翻译,真正实现专业、优质、放心的财会翻译服务。 has always strictly implemented the National Standard GB/T19363.1-2003 of the People's Republic of China, “National Standards for Translation Services - Written Translation and Oral Interpretation” to strengthen the quality control of translation works. In order to improve continuously the quality of financial accounting translation works, the key members of the translation team have also learnt financial accounting courses including accounting, audit, tax law, and international accounting standards, and the like at financial and accounting education institutions such as Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance, etc. So they can have a good understanding of the financial accounting reports to be translated, and can use the generally-accepted accounting terms (IFRS taxonomy) and accounting language style during translation so as to realize professional, high-quality, reliable financial accounting translation services.